Krystal Cashen, PhD.

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Below is a list of selected publications. For a complete list of publications and presentations, see my CV. Feel free to reach out for assistance accessing any of these articles.

Microaggression and discrimination experiences among diverse youth with LGBTQ+ parents in the United States

R. H. Farr, K. K. Cashen, K. A Siebenthaler, K. A. Simon

Journal of Research on Adolescence, 2024

Journal Articles

Perspectives of youth with LGBTQ+ parents: Feelings of openness and acceptance toward others, oneself, and family

Calisse R. Burand, Krystal K. Cashen, Kay A. Simon, H. Farr Rachel

Journal of Adolescent Research, 2023

Community connections among emerging adults with sexual minority parents

Krystal K. Cashen

LGBTQ+ Family: An Interdisciplinary Journal, vol. 18(2), 2022, pp. 151-172

Adoptive parenting cognitions in the era of open adoption: Is Shared Fate Theory still relevant?

Albert Y. H. Lo, Krystal K. Cashen, Harold D. Grotevant

Family Relations, vol. 70(4), 2021, pp. 1117-1131

The role of tech-mediated and traditional modes of communication in adult adoptees’ contact with birth mothers and birth fathers

Krystal K. Cashen, Addie Wyman Battalen, Christina M. Sellers, Ruth G. McRoy

Family Relations, vol. 70(1), 2021, pp. 120-129

Relational competence in emerging adult adoptees: Conceptualizing competence in close relationships

Krystal K. Cashen, Harold D. Grotevant

Journal of Adult Development, vol. 27(2), 2020, pp. 83-94

Hearing the voices of emerging adult adoptees: Perspectives on adoption agency practices.

Krystal K. Cashen, Dominique K. Altamari, Harold D. Grotevant, Ruth G. McRoy

Child Welfare, vol. 97(4), 2019, pp. 1-22

Microaggressions, feelings of difference, and resilience among adopted children with sexual minority parents.

Rachel H. Farr, Emily E. Crain, M.K. Oakley, Krystal K. Cashen, Karin J. Garber

Journal of Youth and Adolescence, vol. 45(1), 2016, pp. 85-104


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